The Faith in Action program, developed by David Wood Ministries, successfully guides churches through capital fund drives of any size, completely debt free. Whether you plan to build an entire complex, add an educational wing or double in size, Faith in Action will guide you through your  church growth project.
The Faith in Action program offers a unique and successful Biblical approach to capital campaigns that will help your church in the following ways:
 •The program provides counselors, not just hired consultants, who understand local church perspectives.
•A customized program will be developed for your project that will provide the highest value for your dollar.

•Faith In Action will help raise 150 percent of your annual income. Seventy percent of that amount is typically received during the first year of the campaign.

•Faith In Action involves your total membership by providing spiritual direction and motivation, resulting in ministry and capital expansion without debt.

There are two goals the Maranatha will accomplish with Faith
in Action.

1.  The spiritual growth of our church. People will be brought together through Bible studies, Sunday school lessons, testimonies and pray to understand the importance of giving back to God.

2.  The church will be able to see its vision for so many years come to pass.  The Family life center next to our current building will house a gymnasium, class rooms, a new kitchen and many more advantages to our church.

Our Faith in Action goal for the next three years is $360,000.00. It is our belief through faith in God that we will meet and even exceed this goal.